CH Skellum Mystic Meg

BRI d female, punainen naaras

Born 25.05.2011

Bloodgroup B, DNA-PKD negative, FIV and FeLV negative

Mystic Meg, known as Mystic, is my foundation queen from the UK. I had the privilege of owning a stunning blue cream girl Skellum Fandango from Jean a few years ago when we lived in Scotland. I knew how beautiful her cats are so when Jean told me she had a red girl, I excitedly told Jean I will take her. And absolutely no regret, Mystic is gorgeous, she has superb eye colour and shape, with a sweet open expression. She is also mummy’s girl and loves to cuddle with me. Thank you ever so much Jean for letting Mystic come to us, she truly is my special red lady!

Breeder: Jean Townsend, England

Enchanting Ella British Red

BRI d female (with classic tabby ghostmarking), punainen naaras

Born 11.05.2015

Ella represents so much for our cattery. I have been wanting to breed classic tabbies, particularly red, for a very long time and now this dream is about to come true! I would like to thank Radka for allowing Ella to move into our home. We are very excited to have her and cannot wait to see what the future holds for our cattery with our newest addition! Ella will also allow us to breed red kittens (both males and females) in the near future with our male Bumblebrits Helter Skelter.

Breeder: Radka Tesarová, Czech Republic